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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.


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TeacherGrade/SubjectEmail: @wesdschools.orgWebsite
TeacherGrade/SubjectEmail: @wesdschools.orgWebsite
Aguirre, Joanna A.I.S. joanna.aguirre@  
Anderson, Charlotte Choir charlotte.anderson@ Ms. Anderson 
Barnett, Derek 7/8 Social Studies derek.barnett@  
Bird, Alan 7 ELA alan.bird@ Mr. Bird 
Blades, Chris ELL christopher.blades@  
Bland, Christie 7/8 Science christie.bland@  
Burk, Jasmine 8 Science Jasmine.Burklairby@  
Butler, Scott 7 Math scott.butler@  
Clark, Jessica 7 CCB jessica.clark@  
Day, Michael 7 Soc. Studies michael.e.day@ Mr. Day 
Dunham, Monica 8 Math/ Advance Math monica.dunham Ms. Dunham 
Foster, Jennifer 7 Math jennifer.foster@ Ms. Foster 
Freeberg, Sam CCR Lang. Arts sam.freeberg@ Mr. Freeberg 
Gilbreath, LeTravin P.E. letravin.gilbreath@  
Gregory, Sarah 7 Science sarah.gregory@ Mrs. Gregory 
Johannesen, Beth 8 Read 180 beth.johannesen@  
Kelly, Elizabeth 8 ELA elizabeth.kelly@  
Larner, Sherri 8 Math sherri.larner@ Mrs. Larner 
Lindvall, Kimberly Librarian kim.lindvall@ Library 
Mask, Rae 8 ELA rae.mask@  
Matthews, Christa 8 Math christa.matthews  
McBride, Travis CCR Math travis.mcbride@  
McKeever, Heidi Flex Center heidi.mckeever@ Mrs. McKeever 
Meyer, Amber Technology amber.meyer@ Ms. Meyer 
Nassif, Beth 8 Soc Studies elizabeth.nassif@ Mrs. Nassif 
Panson, Alexandra 8 Soc. Studies alexandra.panson@ Ms. Panson 
Paterson, Emily 8 Math emily.paterson@ Ms. Paterson 
Reicks, Pam Art pam.reicks@ Ms. Reicks 
Sampson, Jim CBS/ 7 Soc Studies jim.sampson@ Mr. Sampson 
Savitz, Stephanie 8 Math stephanie.savitzmannion@ Ms. Savitz Mannion 
Shedroff, Jeff CCR Reading jeffrey.shedroff@ Mr. Shedroff 
Sommerville, Josi 7 ELA josi.sommerville  
Tompkins, Jane 7 ELA jane.tompkins  
Torrez, Luci 8 ELA luci.torrez@  
Tyler, Rachel P.E. rachel.tyler@ Ms. Tyler 
Vachon, Paul 7 Science paul.vachon@ Mr. Vachon 
Van Iwaarden, Nicole 7 Math nicole.vaniwaarden@  
Volkman, Adrianna 7 Math adrianna.volkman@  
Williams, Amber 7 ELA amber.e.williams@  
Williams, Mark 8 Science mark.williams@ Mr. Williams 
Willis, Lonetta 8 ELA lonetta.willis@  
Woody, Andrea Band/Orchestra andrea.woody@  
Zamudio, Tiffany 8 CCB   
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