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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.


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TeacherGrade/SubjectEmail: @wesdschools.orgWebsite
TeacherGrade/SubjectEmail: @wesdschools.orgWebsite
Agee, Tess 8 Reading/Writing loretta.agee@ Ms. Agee 
Anderson, Charlotte Choir charlotte.anderson@ Ms. Anderson 
Arana, Janeth 8 Math janeth.arana@ Ms. Arana 
Belford, Catherine 7 Reading catherine.belford@ Ms. Belford 
Blades, Chris ELL christopher.blades@ Mr. Blades 
Bland, Christie 7 Science christie.bland@ Mrs. Bland 
Boosman, Amber 7 Reading/Writing Amber.Williamsboosman@ Mrs. Boosman 
Butler, Scott 7 Math scott.butler@ Mr. Butler 
Cano, Jasmine STEM Jasmine.cano@ Mrs. Cano 
Clark, Jessica CCR Math jessica.clark@ Cholla Resource Team 
Coash, Jacob Band jacob.coash@ Mr. Coash 
Day, Michael 7 Soc. Studies michael.e.day@ Mr. Day 
Dornes, Jonathan 7 Writing jonathan.dornes@ Mr. Dornes 
Dunham, Monica 8 Math/ Advance Math monica.dunham Ms. Dunham 
Frey, Thomas 7 Math thomas.frey@ Mr. Frey 
Gaston, Lauren 7/8 Social Studies lauren.gaston@ Ms. Gaston 
Gilbreath, LeTravin P.E. letravin.gilbreath@ Mr. Gilbreath 
Gutierrez, Evelyn 8 Math evelyn.gutierrez@ Ms. Gutierrez 
James, Robin Library Media Specialist robin.james@ Ms. James 
Johannesen, Beth A.I.S. beth.johannesen@ Ms. Johannesen 
Kasallis, Christine 8 Writing christine.kasallis@ Ms. Kasallis 
Lamaide, Anna 7 Science anna.lamaide@ Ms. Lamaide 
Larner, Sherri 8 Math/A.I.S. sherri.larner@ Mrs. Larner 
Leech, Benjamin 7 Math benjamin.leech@ Mr. Leech 
Marshall, Kim CCR Lang. Arts kimberly.marshall@ Cholla Resource Team 
McFaul, Lora 7 Math lora.mcfaul@ Ms. McFaul 
McKeever, Heidi FLEX/7 Soc.Studies heidi.mckeever@ Mrs. McKeever 
Meyer, Amber Technology amber.meyer@ Ms. Meyer 
Mohn, Katherine 8 Soc Studies katherine.mohn@ Ms. Mohn 
Reicks, Pam Art pam.reicks@ Ms. Reicks 
Sampson, Jim 7/8 Soc Studies/CBS jim.sampson@ Mr. Sampson 
Savitz Mannion, Stephanie 8 Math stephanie.savitzmannion@ Ms. Savitz Mannion 
Shedroff, Jeff CCR Reading jeffrey.shedroff@ Cholla Resource Team 
Suddarth, Amy 8 ELA - Advance amy.harward@ Ms. Suddarth 
Tompkins, Jane 7 ELA - Advance jane.tompkins Ms.Tompkins 
Traber, Ariela 8 Science Ariela.Traber@ Mrs. Traber 
Tyler, Rachel P.E. rachel.tyler@ Ms. Tyler 
Vachon, Paul 7 Science/Adv. paul.vachon@ Mr. Vachon 
Vermeer, Cindy Behavior Program Coach cindy.vermeer@ Ms. Vermeer 
Wheeler, Kathy 8 ELA mary.wheeler@ Ms. Wheeler 
Williams, Mark 8 Science/Gifted mark.williams@ Mr. Williams 
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