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SubjectSite NameDescription
General A kid created online magazine 
General Educational based games 
Language Arts Vocabulary 
Language Arts Interactive games to teach how to identify advertising and its influences on us. 
Language Arts Simon's Cat: "Fly Guy" Can you see where Simon's Cat shows personification? 
Learning English ESL for Kids Resources for students and teachers 
Math Math games 
Science Simon's Cat: "Snow Business" Identify where Simon or the Bird are using kinetic or potential energy. 
Science Chemistry Education Resource Guide Smart Scholar chemistry resources for both students and teachers 
Science Facts about animals 
Science Information on birds 
Science Simple Machines, all Honda-all the time. Identify the simple machines you see operating in this video. 
Science Learn about space 
Social Studies Teaches kids about the government 
The Arts KinderArt Art History for Kids 
Showing 16 items